The Diaries of Carrie: 3/1/1921 to 3/15/1921

The John & Carrie Scott family in Oklahoma, ca 1920.

The John & Carrie Scott family in Oklahoma, ca 1920.

I hope you are enjoying this series of my Great-Grandmother’s diaries. This entry is the 4th in the series. I have to admit I’m finding more pleasure in transcribing her diaries than I anticipated. Sometimes it is little moments when you realize that your grandfather broke his arm not once but twice as a little boy. A story he never told you and you would never know about had it not been for this diary.

This edition leaves me wanting to learn more about the history of Creek County, Oklahoma where my great-grandparents lived. Unfortunately, I’m struggling in finding those details. The GenWeb site for the county is seriously lacking on any details. So frustrating. Anyhow, without further ado, more from the life of my great-grandma, Carrie Alice Williams (1883-1967) and her life.

(Please note that I have transcribed the text as my great-grandmother wrote, including most spelling and grammatical errors. Notes about people and events mentioned will follow at the end of each entry. I will make clear it is my notes by putting it between brackets “[]“.  I will only add notes about people not previously described in past editions of this series.)

Tues. Mar 1, 1921

Washed and got groceries on Young. Went to see Choun [No clue what that is or if I transcribed it correctly]. They only owe $15.00.

Wed. Mar 2, 1921

Irond. Cohan didn’t come. Died [dyed?] waists. Hurst and I went to post office at night. Hurst and Haindel sit till bed time.

Thurs. Mar 3, 1921

Went to town in eve-ning. John went away to Eldorado Crk, so he said. We went to presby church, Hurst and I. I got sick at night when I came home.

Fri. Mar 4, 1921

I was sick all day Friday. Headache and nauseousness. Haindel called and Hurst. Mrs. Hurst stayed all night here. Inauguration day. Listed place with West.

[I have to admit this gave me a thrill. She noted Inauguration Day. I am so used to Presidential Inaugurations being in January that I forgot that at one time they occurred in March. Sure enough, my great-grandma was noting the Inauguration of Warren G. Harding.]

Sat. Mar 5, 1921

Gave Hurst flowers to sit out. Honeysuckle and chrys. Went to Doctor Stevens. Had Wesley’s arm dressed. It was crooked. Hurst went too. Too awful tired. Hurst spent the night here. [I believe Dr. Stevens to be Dr. Joseph C. Stevens (b. ca 1866, Indiana) who lived not far from my great-grandparents. He lived there with his wife Clara (b. ca 1866, Ohio) children and grandchildren.)

Sun. Mar 6, 1921

Hurst and I ran back and forth all day. A sweet lonesome day for both of us, nerves. Little West came with some folks. Mrs. Short called and her folks to look at houses. Post office and back at Haindels at night, phono.

 Mon. Mar 7, 1921

Hurst and Haindel called. Mr. Kisler called. It rained. Went to P.O., Hurst and I before the rain. Got a music circular.

Tues. Mar 8, 1921

Hurst & I went to P.O. in evening. I got—got a letter from Bill. Went to town 2 or 3 times. Mrs. Blanton and Mr. Blanton called. [The Blantons may be Wesley (b. ca 1849, Alabama) and Missouri (b. ca 1854, Georgia) who lived in Drumwright in 1920 with 5 of their adult children.)

Wed. Mar 9, 1921

Washed and ironed. Went to office. Went to Town.

Thurs. Mar 10, 1921

Stayed home all day. Short came to look at the house.

Fri. Mar 11, 1921

Mrs. Surett paid rent. It looks rainy. All is quiet. One how [No clue???] nice rent $11.50. Went to picture show. Bill came good as pie. He seems to be ashamed of his self. He is a fool.

Sat. Mar 12, 1921

Carrie Shore-maker came & sister played piano. Got chrysanthemum. Had a fine evening. Beautiful eve.

Sun. Mar 13, 1921

First rain, then sun shine. Mrs. Haindell came. Bill and I sat in swing all afternoon.

Mon. Mar 14, 1921

Washed the floors. Cleaned in the rooms, and little tried. Bill gone to try out the car. Trying to trade.

Tues. Mar 15, 1921

Washed. Nothing else worth mentioning. Bill made trade with Gyson. Colected money from the may for carpenter work.


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