The Diaries of Carrie: 1/11/1921 to 1/31/1921

carrie diaryThis entry, the second in a series, covers 21 days in the life of my Great-Grandma Carrie Alice Williams. My great-grandmother’s diaries outline what she did each day. Very little is mentioned about what she felt. In this set, I learned that my great-grandparents were struggling a bit with finances. I guess that isn’t surprising given the business Great-Grandpa Scott (often called either Bill or John) was in. The oil business was a bit erratic. It may still be.

(Please note that I have transcribed the text as my great-grandmother wrote, including spelling and grammatical errors. Notes about people and events mentioned will follow at the end of each entry. I will make clear it is my notes by putting it between brackets “[]”.  I will only add notes about people not previously described in past editions of this series.)

The Diaries of Carrie, Part II

Tues. Jan 11, 1921

Went to town after mail. Got catalogues no account. Went to show, no good. Account over drawn at bank $20. Found trouble when I got back, the young made it. Hunger. Got house repapered. Elictric men got the meters in. Surett moved in. His wife did at least.

Wed. Jan 12, 1921

Sick last night with head ache. Sick all day with it till 4 o’clock. Got relief at 4. Went to Mrs. Hursts. Staid till 2. Laid on floor till 4, cloudy day with rays of sunshine. Wrote to Rickerbocks the 11 of Jan. *[I have no clue about the reference to Rickerbocks.]

Thurs. Jan 13, 1921

Wrote a letter for Hurst and one to Janie McMullen and went to Bashies, Hurst and I. We went to P.O. got a notice from lawer [lawyer] Aronold. Trouble brewing. Talked on phone to her. She seemed reasonable. Bill hasn’t come yet. Worry. Worry.

Fri. Jan 14, 1921

First snow fell the night of the 13th. Nothing doing worth while. Washed, mopped kitchen. Mrs. Handel, Ester came stade till 11 o’clock in night. Bill didn’t call up.

Sat. Jan 15, 1921

Wrote 2 letters for Mrs. Hurst. She went to P.O. Got nothing. I ironed clothes. Beautiful warm day but a blue one for on nothing happened it. To tell heartache—Bill got back from nugland. [The handwriting here was hard to discern. It is possible she was trying to refer to England, OK which is east of Muskogee, a couple hours away from where they lived in Drumwright, OK.]

Sun. Jan 16, 1921

Went to Haindels at night. Didnted get nothing else worth mentioning. I went to Russels. Allen came. Said he couldn’t take Tessie’s house. Was at Hamdels a short time.

Mon. Jan 17, 1921

Gadded round many neighbors. Done nothing worth wille. John is still out of work. Nothing doing.

Tues. Jan 18, 1921

Fooled around all morning.  Hamdell, Russel,Hurst, and I went to town in eve. I got a letter from E. S. S. Hintington songs on the way. What will I do any way? May God help me. [My great-grandmother loved playing the piano and would send songs of her own for publication. Nothing really came of them, but E.S.S. Huntington was a song publisher.]

Wed. Jan 19, 1921

The Boys birth-day. Cloudy looks like rain, pretty cool. John went to town. Got no work yet. God help us and others that are poor. [The “Boys” were the twins, Leslie and my grandpa, Wesley. This was their 8th birthday.]

Thurs. Jan. 20, 1921

Washed today. Mrs. Haindels came. Mr. Russel Mrs. Hurst. Hurst helped wash. I wrote 3 letters for her. I went to Haindels at night. Wesley got his arm broke. Had it set at night.

Fri. Jan 21, 1921

Didn’t do much today. Nothing with Bill. Wrote 2 letters for Rosa^^. It’s raining at 3 o’clock. Cloudy in morning. I got a letter from a publisher. [The publisher is likely a music publisher.]

Sat. Jan 22, 1921

Slept late. Didn’t do anything much. It rained al-night. Bashie come, at 10. First got breakfast over.

Sun. Jan 23, 1921

Slept late. Rained nearly all day, but Bashie came spent most of one day. Dreary old day. Lonesome and blue. Allen came late.

Mon. Jan 24, 1921

Cloudy in morn. Cleared in about noon, beautiful evening. Wrote letter for Hurst. Bill in better spirits, has promise of work. Barry called.

Tues. Jan. 25, 1921

Wrote 2 letters for Mrs. Hurst. Foold around. Went to Haindels. Stayed till nine o’clock. Back home to bed.

Thurs. Jan 27, 1921

Washed. Cleaned house and patched. Bill fooled with gasometer. Stopped meter from registering.

Fri. Jan 28, 1921

Ironed. Cleaned house; went to musical, played old fashioned music, had a fine time. [I have to admit that I wonder what she considered “old-fashioned” music in 1921.]

Sat. Jan 29, 1921

Beautiful day. Bright and clear. Wrote 2 letters. Boiling beans.

 Sun. Jan 30, 1921

Nothing doing worth mentioning.

 Mon. Jan 31, 1921

Nothing. Mrs. Haindel called. Hurst working for preacher


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